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Sometimes I make good choices

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it’s midnight and I just made a panini and opened a bag of popcorn because all I’ve had today is two mini bagels and like five bits of pasta

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"I thought she was sleeping until I heard her call out from across the room, “Will you bring me a glass of water?” I did. Then in her always-sleepy tone and drawl she said, “Do you remember when you were a little boy and you would ask your mama to bring you a glass of water?” Yeah. “You know how half the time you weren’t even thirsty. You just wanted that hand that was attached to that glass that was attached to that person you just wanted to stay there until you fell asleep.” She took the glass of water that I brought her and just sat it down full on the table next to her. Wow, I thought. What am I gonna do with love like this."

—One Night from Dito Montiel’s A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints  (via easylion)
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Seven years. It’s time to stop; they’re finally ready to fall.

Inspired by this fic, written by justtellher.
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don’t leak nudes

leak the “tiva having sex” deleted scene

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Doctor Who + references in other television shows
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sometimes i forget that, like
tony was tortured
actually tortured and injected with weird chemicals and tied up and beaten and interrogated
of his own choice
just to kill the guy that he thought killed ziva

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Castle watching The Wives Of Wall Street

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I can’t wait to get home again so I can go on my laptop and have blacklist again

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